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Miss Mia, a tiny Yorkie-poo, is June's adorable assistant & Earth Angel! Mia was rescued from a backyard breeder. She was in poor health. This cutie has made a full recovery. Mia is both a blessing and a miracle.





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June  is a sincere and gifted psychic medium located in Sussex County, the northwest region of New Jersey. If you've never sat for a reading with a medium...it's rather like a family reunion, emotional and joyous. Memories are relived, connections are made, and one realizes that their loved ones are not lost to them. June receives detailed messages for her clients. Compassionate and friendly, June's goal is to connect sitters with their loved ones on the other side, assisting her clients in realizing that life does go on, even after 'death'.

Through psychic mediumship and psychometry, June has helped many clients who have suffered the loss of a family member or friend. Feel free to bring photos of your loved one to your reading. By touching these photos, June can channel information for you.

Her psychic abilities enable June to assist those who are going through difficult times, and those who have questions regarding relationship and career issues.

June is a mediumistic empath, whose abilities include: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and psychometry. She is available for in-person readings only.




 Miss June's Victorian Reading Parlor

Newton area, NJ

To Schedule an Appointment:

Text: 973-864-4480 for a quick response.

​Call:: 973-864-4480 during business hours.

Email: june@njpsychicmedium.net 

In person readings by appointment are available.

No phone readings, answers to phone questions,
or online readings are offered.

June is not only a psychic medium, but an artist as well.
Visit her Etsy shop for unusual items for the mystic minded.

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