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* Childhood knowing *
Even as a child I knew I was different. At best, when I was very young, I
secretly thought that I had 'magic', and could do anything if I really wanted to. At worst, I had terrifying moments when I thought I was crazy.

When my mom died, I was 7 years old; I missed her so much, and cried myself to sleep every night for months. One night,  I awoke to see an illuminated vision of my mother near the ceiling in a corner of my bedroom. She was wearing a blue satin dress, and was smiling, reaching out to me. After this experience, my grief eased. Years later, I shared this experience with a family member. I was told that my mother was buried in that blue dress.
But as a child,
the secret I kept was this: I saw people others didn't see--and as a child in the 1950s, I knew better than to talk about it.

* Near-death experience *
At the age of 18, I was at the shore for a day with friends. Standing with my back to the ocean, a wave knocked me underwater. My body repeatedly somersaulted backwards under the waves, as I swallowed salt water. A feeling of peace came over me; I remember choosing not to resist. A friend pulled me from the water by my long hair. After this near-death experience, sometimes I saw myself hovering over my sleeping body at night. These out-of-body experiences increased, becoming more complex. An awareness developed: there was something else going on that was much more important than the daily life I was living.

* Metaphysical experience and studies *
Years of precognitive dreams, out-of-body experiences, being awakened by invisible people calling my name, and seeing spirits of people in various forms, followed. I began to hear names, sometimes unusual names that sounded foreign. Upon research of one of the first of these incidents, I found they were the names of people that lived hundreds of years ago; I recall that two were ancient astronomers. I began to study psychic development and mediumship, learning how to put my awareness to good use.

* A dream, a vision… *
The night after my first mediumship development class, I discussed the results with my family. I told them this: if I was meant to use my metaphysical abilities to help others, I'd have some kind of confirming experience, obtaining the ‘knowing’ to move forward.

Minutes after falling asleep, I became aware that I was ordinary enough dream about walking down the street at night. But the typical dream perspective of being both observer and participant changed, as it was now a lucid dream. A pink ball of light appeared. The ball of light moved to the foreground of the dream vision, growing larger and brighter, so close and bright, that the squinting from the close glare of that pink light woke me up!

When I opened my eyes, there in my bedroom, directly above my face, was the same pink ball of light that had woken me from my dream. I began praying as I watched it; I could feel this spirit energy watching me as well. It seemed to glow softly from within, and occasionally tiny blue sparks flickered at its edges. This sentient ball of light floated over to my sleeping husband, observed him, returned, hovering over me for a few moments, and exited through the ceiling corner of my room.

* ...a decision *
I accepted this experience as the answer to the question I’d posed less than a half hour previously—working in service of the Greatest Spirit was my path.